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treasure Like a treasure map, ValuableWagers shows you precisely what the sharpest bettors think of each and every NFL, NBA, & MLB game on today's board.

You know when to bet the favorite and when to bet the dog.

How It Works

When you sign up and activate your account you get access to two game-changing services.

You’ll first notice what got this all started: The valueMap which simply marks each and every possible NFL, NBA, & MLB wager as valuable or not. Take a look at this screen shot below showing the Hornets to be valuable at +2.5.

Pacers Hornets Spread

Notice we show you the current available line that most books on the Vegas strip are offering, and compare that to what we’ve calculated. And in case you’re wondering… that was an actual game on November 5th of this season… In which the home dogs not only covered but outright won, 122 to 120.

But just because the valueMap marks a wager as potentially valuable doesn’t mean you should bet it. Enter the second game-changing service you get when you sign up today: Our official recommended Picks.

From the valueMap we gather the most likely to win wagers and then recommend them. For that Pacers @ Hornets matchup, here’s what the recommended pick was:

Recommended Pick

That means we recommended you to risk enough to win 1 unit (or 1% of your bankroll) on the Hornets +3 (the recommendation was made before the line moved from 3 to 2.5, preempting many other sharps who were making the same wager. The screen shots were taken after the line had moved.)

I could explain a lot more.

But fact is, you’ll probably learn more by simply tinkering around in the Members Area. So I highly recommend you sign up and activate your account now.

Digging Deeper

We not only cap games for spread wagers, but for Money Line as well. Here’s a screen shot of the entire valueMap on November 5th this NBA season:

Notice the little blue dot, specifying moneyline analysis only. Likewise, you can click or tap on the “Spread” option to specify spread analysis.

Now check this out… Here’s a screen shot of the recommended spread and moneyline picks we made that day:

If you go back and check the scores of those games, you’ll see that we went a PERFECT 7-0 in NBA on Nov 5th. And it’s not just NBA we work with. We do this in the NFL and MLB as well!

I don’t know about you, but any system capable of pulling off a perfect 7-0 in one night, is a system worth giving a shot. You can sign up for free here.

But fair warning: in order to activate your account, you’ll have to purchase either a monthly or one-year pass.

Now don’t worry too much. Because at just $3 for the first 3 days, we’re literally talking about picket change. After your three day trial, you'll be billed $67 for each month of service. That's just over two bucks per day. But if you’re value-minded (as I think you should be), go for the yearly pass at just $247. That’s a one-time fee, with no recurring bill. And that works out to just 68 cents per day.

That’s a steal! Plain and simple.

Go ahead and see for yourself… you can sign up here.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Let's go further…

If you don’t happen to like the results you get with these two incredibly powerful services, I’ll give you a full, 100%, no-questions-asked, refund.

And of course, if it’s the recurring monthly charge you want to avoid, you can cancel at any time.

To cancel or refund, go directly to our payment processor, ClickBank. As a third-party, they are able to immediately refund or cancel any charge you’re unsatisfied with and I don’t even have a say in whether they do it or not.

In fact, this guarantee is so strong, you can even steal my service. Simply sign up, get the picks, and then ask for a refund.

I mean, that’d be pretty screwed up if you ask me… But I’m willing to bet you’re a reasonable person who wouldn’t shoot themselves in the foot by refunding on a system that’s producing winners. Especially, if that system only costs a little over two bucks per day.

All in all, we’re putting everything on the line here. You must be satisfied with our service, or it will cease to exist as it currently does. So go ahead and give it a try. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Digging Even Deeper

You may have noticed that the moneyline numbers show some percentages next to the odds. Here’s a refresher in case you missed it. Pay attention to the small gray percentages:

Those numbers represent the implied odds derived from the betting odds (or vice versa in the case of our analysis).

If you look at the first match up in that screen shot, Pacers @ Hornets, you’ll notice the Vegas odds show the Pacers at -140. And that number not only represents how much you’ll have to risk in order to win $100, but it also implies that the Pacers have a 58% chance of winning the game outright.

If you look in the Sharps column, however, you’ll notice that we’ve placed the Pacers odds at +122. That means we thought they were slight underdogs. And +122 implies that they had a 45% chance of winning.

For the spread, we assume you can get our lines at, or close to, the standard -110 odds, implying a 52% chance of covering.

So what happens if you can’t get the odds we’re showing?

Well, if you click or tap on the matchup, it’ll bring you to a page like this:

Notice we show you the Vegas Odds, along with our odds again. But on this page, you can edit the Vegas odds.

Once edited, we’ll calculate those implied odds, compare them to ours and let you know if we still think there’s value in the play.

So if I change the Hornets’ +120, to something like -130, let’s see what happens. I simply need to click or tap on the odds I want to edit and I’ll be able to do so. Here’s a screen shot again:

Notice the red border and the updated implied probability. The red border means we don’t think there’s value.

Hopefully that makes sense. If it doesn’t simply click on the "Product Support" link found in the footer of this page. I’ll be happy to explain more.

But I’d say at this point, you know what you’re going to get and how to use it. So if you haven’t already, but sure to sign up and activate your account here.

Good luck!

- the valueMap team.